Victoria Police Entrance Exam

Everything You Need to Know About the Victoria Police Entrance Exam

What is the Victoria Police Entrance Exam?

The Victoria Police Entrance Exam is the first main hurdle for every candidate. 

On the entrance test, you’ll be scored on a range of skills including: (Scroll to the right on mobile devices)

SectionType of AssessmentNumber of QuestionsTime AllowedPass Mark
Verbal ReasoningOnline Multiple Choice3415 mins15/34
Abstract ReasoningOnline Multiple Choice4520 mins32/45
Numeracy SkillsOnline Multiple Choice & Numeric Entry3035 mins111*
Literacy SkillsOnline Multiple Choice3035 mins111*
Summary WritingTyped Task145 mins14/20
Extended WritingTyped Essay120 mins14/20
Oral AssessmentOnline Audio Recording/Response510 mins14/20
Digital LiteracyOnline Responses2020 mins107

*Scored against the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) – the Australian standards for adult literacy, numeracy and digital literacy. Aim to score above 60% for Police and 50% for PSO.

How Hard is the Victoria Police Entrance Exam?

It is no harder than the Acer Practice Exams provided, in fact, the abstract reasoning is significantly easier on the actual entrance exam than the practice exams. I do not know why.

But I recommend every candidate purchase and complete the Acer Practice Exams as you’ll get the best idea of how well you will go on the actual Victoria Police Entrance Exam.

FAQs - VICPOL Entrance Exam


In my experience, the entrance exam was the same level of difficulty as all of the practice exams offered by this website as well as the official Acer Practice Exams except for two sections:

1) The Abstract Reasoning was easier on the actual exam
2) The oral communication video presented on the actual exam was a lot easier than the practice video presented by the VICPOL Candidate Information Booklet.

Yes, there are different questions on the exams you resit.

The Oral Communication task was first as it required setting up headphones into your computer and testing them to see if they work. 

All questions are presented one at a time.
At the top of the screen is a row of coloured boxes, which shows what questions you have or haven’t answered, so if you need to go back to answer a question, its as easy as clicking on the box.
Overall, very easy and simple to use.

On the day, it’s obviously a good idea to arrive early, but if you are running late for some reason, you should be fine as it takes a long time for the Acer people to get everyone into the computer room where you will have the exam. They register everyone one at a time and there is no order for entry.

Bring snacks and water as it ends up being a long day with several 10 minute breaks throughout. There were soda and candy machines on site, which I wouldn’t recommend.

They only give you one piece of paper to work out sums etc. My advice is to write small on this page so hopefully you don’t run out of space. In order to get another page, you have to get the attention of an attendant, which may be a problem as there are not many there and you cannot call out so you will lose some time doing this.


You will need to know how to work out the following:

– Ratios & Percentages (ie, how to use a percentage to work out missing values)
– Understanding the Distance = Speed x Time formula
– And how to re-arrange formulas, ie Speed = Distance / Time
– How to work out averages 

Check out the exam tips below for more info about these.

Yes, a simple online calculator will be provided.


It is a lot easier compared to the video mentioned in the VICPOL Candidate Information Booklet.

The video is very simple and slow, so you have plenty of time to take in information. Also, there is no narration in the video so you don’t have to remember any audio information.

You can take a moment to think about your answer. Also note: there will be some background noise as everyone will be answering the same questions at once.


The Abstract Reasoning exam was considerable easier compared to the Acer practice exam.

I failed this section from the Acer practice exam the first time and ended up scoring 42/45 on the entrance exam.

The Abstract Reasoning practice exams offered on this website are at the same level of difficulty as the Acer practice exams, so if you are passing them, you will be fine come exam day.

Check out the exam tips for this section below if you want more info on how to approach answering abstract questions.


Both essay responses are hand written.

If you are not sure how good your essay responses are, you can send one or two to me and I’ll have a quick check over them and provide some feedback. See contact below.

Why Scoring Well is Important?

Obviously, passing it a must, but every candidate should be looking to score as high as they can.


Because at the end of the recruitment process, if you are successful, you will be placed in the Merit Pool along with every other successful candidate, ranked on a range of factors, included your score on the Victoria Police Entrance Exam.

The higher your score on the entrance exam, the higher your rating in the Merit Pool, which means a quicker call up into the Victoria Police Academy.

The information below is based on my experience sitting the Victoria Police Entrance Exam at the Box Hill Institute, Melbourne. 
Have a question that I haven’t covered below? Message me in the contact form at the bottom of page.

How Should I Best Prepare for the Victoria Police Entrance Exam?

Simple, plan appropriately and give yourself plenty of time.

I had 4 weeks to prepare after I applied. Start off by completing all the Acer Practice Exams.

Once completed, look at which sections went well and which didn’t. (Note, if you are not sure how good your written & summary essay’s are, then feel free to send one of each to me for a check over, see contact at the bottom of the page).

If you’ve struggled with most of the sections, then you need to allow plenty of time to get up to speed.

Hopefully, you have at least a month before the exam, otherwise, you’ll have to invest as many hours as you can into studying.

I cannot stress this enough, it is far better to over-prepare than under-prepare.

Failing any sections of the exam will not look good on your candidate record.

If you’re struggling, purchase (or check your local library) the Acer Practise Now! book, which has detail explanations of how to answer questions.

This book was helpful, but note it doesn’t have many practice questions.

As a result, you will then need to source extra practice exams and ideally, specific to the Victoria Police.

Of course, I am biased and recommend purchasing the practice exams on my website (which is why I built this website, because there was no practice exams at a price I was willing to pay).

There are other websites that do offer specific Victoria Police Practice Exams, but they are much more expensive.

Every week, you should take the same exams and re-write the essay responses to the same questions. Over and over again.

If English is your second language, I recommend seeking out a tutor to help assist you. The investment is well worth it.

What is the Victoria Police Entrance Exam like on the day?

I arrived there early at the Box Hill, Melbourne testing site with approx. 60 other people. 

We spent a long time standing around before we were called into the testing room.

We were seated in pods of 4 people.

After everyone took their seats, the Acer people talked us through the instructions.

The computer system you will use is very simple and easy to understand.

The first section was the Oral task, which was a lot easier than the video shown in the Victoria Police Candidate Info Booklet!

Note: You only get to see the video once and be aware, that you’ll be speaking into a recorder at the same time as everyone else so speak up!

I cannot recall the order of the rest of the exam sections. The two writing sections were back to back.

There were 2-3 breaks throughout the day for 10-15mins each.

I would recommend bringing some snacks if you’re like me and your blood-sugar levels drops.

I don’t think you need to dress up as many people there were quite casual and I the Acer folks aren’t recording what you wear, so dress comfortably. 

About the Whirlpool Victoria Police forum

When I applied, I spent hours scouring this website for information to help me get an edge. 
It was mostly a waste of time. Most of the important information is found on the FAQ’s above.

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