Sample Summary Writing

Note: I recommend using Chrome, Firefox or Safari as some users have reported issues with Internet Explorer not recording answers correctly.

- You have 20 minutes of writing time.
- After clicking on the next button, the exam timer will begin. The timer is located on the browser tab and also on the bottom right of each page.
- A sample answer is provided on the 'Results' page after you click on the 'Submit' button.


Goal: To write a concise set of notes summarising the main ideas and key supporting information expressed in the text.

- While writing:

  • provide a heading
  • use bullet points, numbering, sub-headings
  • use note form ie, don't need to write in full sentences
  • use your own words
  • no personal opinion
  • express information in logical order
  • use correct spelling, appropriate language, grammar & punctuation
  • write ½ to 1 page (printed A4)

- You can complete the exam as many times as you wish.
- You can write out a rough plan of your written response on paper before typing out the final response in the text field (which can be expanded out for easier viewing).

Email me if there are any issues. All the best!