Sample Extended Writing

Provide your opinion on a topic with a clear and logical piece of writing based on the two arguments given.

- A sample answer is provided on the 'Results' page after you click on the 'Submit' button.

- You have 45 minutes of writing time.
- Your point of view on the topic can be for or against or a combination of both
- You can make comments on the logic/evidence provided by the two writers
- After clicking on the next button, the exam timer will begin. The timer is located on the browser tab and also on the bottom right of each page.
- You can complete the exam as many times as you wish.

Make sure to:
- Structure the piece of writing, ie, include a beginning, main body and a conclusion
- Order your points into clear paragraphs
- Support each of your points with appropriate evidence
- Pay attention to spelling, grammar and punctuation
- Use appropriate language/tone (formal)
- Write in complete sentences
- Write at least 1-2 pages.

Note: There is a text field to type out your essay on the following page. Please don't use it as it's only there due to software requirements and on the entrance exam, you will be writing your essay response by hand.

Response example: Can be found on the results page.

Email me if there are any issues. All the best!