Abstract Reasoning Practice Exam

Looking for some extra Abstract Reasoning Practice Exams?

Here are 5x full-sized practice exams to help you better prepare for the Victoria Police Entrance Exam.

The questions in these exams include:

– The same types of questions found on the VICPOL entrance exam.
– Are at the same difficulty level as the official Acer practice exam, which means, these practice exams are harder than the actual entrance exam so if you do well on these, you will ace the exam on the day.
– Include answers.

I was concerned about the abstract reasoning section going into the entrance exam as I didn’t do very well on the Acer practice test. I actually failed it the first time!

As a result, I went online to find abstract reasoning questions to work on my weaknesses, which helped, but they were not the same types of questions, nor were the exams the same length as the Acer exam, so it wasn’t the same practice conditions.

I ended up scoring 42/45 on the abstract reasoning section. I recommend going through these exams once or twice a week, every week leading up to the entrance exam. Even though you will be going through them again, I found that it helps train and sharpen your brain to identify patterns quickly. 

Let me know if you have any questions and all the best with your prep! 



Sample Questions: Abstract Reasoning Practice Test