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This Website's Purpose is to Help You Pass the VICPOL Entrance Exam.

G'day! My name is Luke and after scoring 85% on the VICPOL Entrance Exam, I built this website to help you on your path to becoming an officer in the Victoria Police. How? By offering you up to 5x full-size practice tests to help you prepare & pass the entrance exam.

Why Choose VICPOL Practice Tests?

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Both online (instant answers) & print-ready exams are emailed to you immediately, allowing you to start practicing straight away. No sign up required & mobile friendly.

Specific Questions

All exams have the same number and types of questions as the entrance exam providing you the best practice for the entrance exam.

Help If You're stuck

Explanations are provided for all Numeracy & Abstract questions + essay response examples are included for the Summary & Extended writing sections. 

Difficulty Levels

All exams have the same level of difficulty as the official Acer police practice tests, providing you with the closest experience to the actual entrance exam.

Money Back Guarantee

Enjoy peace of mind with a 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked plus all payments are made through Paypal, a trusted payment platform.

10% Proceeds Donated

Make a positive difference while you spend. 10% of proceeds are being donated to the Fred Hollows Foundation.

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“I want to give a huge thanks for making some affordable practice materials for the entrance exam, they were really helpful leading up to my exam (which I did really well in). Your exams coupled with the like for like ones from the ACER website really created a great practicing environment, I believe set me up for success. So, thank you!” – Jacob


What Are You Looking for?

Practice Exams

Your choice of either individual practice exams or a combo package.


Answers to common questions you may have about the entrance exam.

Exam Tips

Advice on how you go about preparing for each section of the entrance exam.

My Experience with the VICPOL Entrance Exam.

Results of the Victoria Police Entrance Exam

Has it been awhile since you last sat an aptitude exam? That was case for me. With 3-4 weeks to prepare for the Victoria Police Entrance Exam, it had been 18 years since my last exams so I had little idea how I’d go.

After completing the Acer practice tests, I passed everything but I wanted extra practice to ensure the best result so I would ranked higher in the merit pool.

The Acer exams are great but the problem is, there’s only one of them! Looking for extra practice, I went online looking for suitable practice questions but there were 3 issues:

  • Different types of questions and exams lengths, so they weren’t very useful.
  • It took a lot of time to find suitable questions, time better spent doing other things.
  • Some websites do offer specific Victoria Police Practice Exams but with high prices and offering services for each recruitment phase.

After investing time going over other practice material, I sat the entrance exam and the results came through a week later…

85% Boom! I celebrated in triumph!


The VICPOL Entrance Exam is the same level of difficulty as the Acer Police Practice Tests*. The problem is, Acer has only one practice exam for each section. This is why I created this website; to help anyone who was in the same position as me; you want extra specific questions to the entrance exam, you don’t want to waste time looking for practice material & you don’t want to spend a lot of money.
*Except for Abstract Reasoning, which is easier.

How to Access the Practice Tests?



Select the practice exams below that best suit your needs.


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Pay via Paypal. Direct debit, Visa & Mastercard options available. (Note, you don't need a Paypal account).


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Victoria Police Practice Exams

All exams have; the same number of questions as the entrance exam, the same difficulty as the Acer Practice Exams & can be completed online (mobile friendly) or printed off.


Combo Package

– 5x Verbal Reasoning (34 Qs each)
– 5x Abstract Reasoning* (45 Qs each)
– 3x Numeracy Skills (30 Qs each)
– 3x Literacy Skills (30 Qs each)
– 5x Extended Writing
– 5x Summary Writing*
– 1x Digital Literacy (20 Qs)
– Answers (instant for online exams)
– Bonus: 10x Oral Skills Practice Videos

* Includes explanations to answers / essay examples

Individual Victoria Police Practice Tests

Verbal Reasoning

- 5x Practice Exams
- 34 Questions Per Exam
- Includes Answers
Sample Questions

Abstract Reasoning

- 5x Practice Exams
- 45 Questions Per Exam
- Includes Answers & Explanations
Sample Questions

Numeracy Skills

- 3x Practice Exams
- 30 Questions Per Exam
- Includes Answers & Explanations
Sample Questions

Literacy Skills

- 3x Practice Exams
- 30 Questions Per Exam
- Includes Answers
Sample Questions

Extended Writing

- 5x Practice Essays
- Includes 5 Example Essay Responses

Summary Writing

- 5x Practice Essays
- Includes 5 Example  Responses
Sample Essay

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Money Back Guarantee​

I'm proud of creating these practice exams and am 100% confident they will help you with the entrance exam. If you do disagree, even after you sit the entrance exam, drop me an email and you'll receive a full refund within 24 hours.

Take A Free Sample Test

Have a go at answering some sample questions from my Victoria Police practice test. Sample tests include answers, results, timer & explanations for abstract & numeracy. No sign up required.

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“I actually did so much better than I expected, I really surprised myself. I actually don’t have any feedback on how you could improve the exams or website, your exams are the only ones I really used and were exactly like the test which was super helpful. Thank you so much again” – Stacey

FAQs - Victoria Police Entrance Exam

The information below is based on my experience sitting the Victoria Police Entrance Exam at the Box Hill Institute, Melbourne. 
Have a question that I haven’t covered below? Message me in the contact form at the bottom of page.


In my experience, the entrance exam was the same level of difficulty as all of the practice exams offered by this website as well as the official Acer Practice Exams except for two sections:

1) The Abstract Reasoning was easier on the actual exam
2) The oral communication video presented on the actual exam was a lot easier than the practice video presented by the VICPOL Candidate Information Booklet.

Yes, there are different questions on the exams you resit.

The Oral Communication task was first as it required setting up headphones into your computer and testing them to see if they work. 

All questions are presented one at a time.
At the top of the screen is a row of coloured boxes, which shows what questions you have or haven’t answered, so if you need to go back to answer a question, its as easy as clicking on the box.
Overall, very easy and simple to use.

On the day, it’s obviously a good idea to arrive early, but if you are running late for some reason, you should be fine as it takes a long time for the Acer people to get everyone into the computer room where you will have the exam. They register everyone one at a time and there is no order for entry.

Bring snacks and water as it ends up being a long day with several 10 minute breaks throughout. There were soda and candy machines on site, which I wouldn’t recommend.

They only give you one piece of paper to work out sums etc. My advice is to write small on this page so hopefully you don’t run out of space. In order to get another page, you have to get the attention of an attendant, which may be a problem as there are not many there and you cannot call out so you will lose some time doing this.


You will need to know how to work out the following:

– Ratios & Percentages (ie, how to use a percentage to work out missing values)
– Understanding the Distance = Speed x Time formula
– And how to re-arrange formulas, ie Speed = Distance / Time
– How to work out averages 

Check out the exam tips below for more info about these.

Yes, a simple online calculator will be provided.


It is a lot easier compared to the video mentioned in the VICPOL Candidate Information Booklet.

The video is very simple and slow, so you have plenty of time to take in information. Also, there is no narration in the video so you don’t have to remember any audio information.

You can take a moment to think about your answer. Also note: there will be some background noise as everyone will be answering the same questions at once.


The Abstract Reasoning exam was considerable easier compared to the Acer practice exam.

I failed this section from the Acer practice exam the first time and ended up scoring 42/45 on the entrance exam.

The Abstract Reasoning practice exams offered on this website are at the same level of difficulty as the Acer practice exams, so if you are passing them, you will be fine come exam day.

Check out the exam tips for this section below if you want more info on how to approach answering abstract questions.


Both essay responses are now typed.

If you are not sure how good your essay responses are, you can send one or two to me and I’ll have a quick check over them and provide some feedback. See contact below.

Victoria Police Exam Tips

Click on the Icons below for more in-depth info on how to answer questions from each section.

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The content of what you have put together is great, it’s been a real life saver to be reminded of, and understand how to study and prepare, especially when I’ve been out of school and on a different career path. The details on how to answer the questions is exactly what I needed to learn, thanks for all the hard work that would have gone into creating this. – Kristin

Be Prepared. Pass the VICPOL Entrance Exam!

Are you feeling confident you will pass the entrance exam? If not, you are not alone. I also felt the same when I signed up to VICPOL.

You just need to look at the Whirlpool Victoria Police page to see how many people have uncertainty about the entrance exam.

Maybe you are like me and you haven’t sat an exam for a long time.

Or it’s been a while since you last wrote a formal essay, without a spell-checker!

It’s normal to have concerns preparing for the entrance exam.

After all, you are competing against hundreds of other applicants and we both know, the higher your entrance exam score, the higher your placing in the Merit Pool.

And a higher Merit score means the quicker you can realise your dream of becoming a Police Officer.

For me, this also meant leaving my crappy job that I didn’t enjoy. So I was extra motivated to do well on the entrance exam!

Sure you get two shots at the entrance exam, but it doesn’t look good failing the first time round.

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Make Sure You Pass First Time!

Victoria Police Practice Exams - Close Up Photo of Victoria Police Vehicle
If you are already confident acing the exam, you wouldn’t be here.
But if you are like me and are willing to take charge and kick arse on the entrance exam, then you are going to need extra practice.
The Acer Victoria police practice test are great but the problem is, there are only one practice exam for each section.
Unlike you, I did not have access to extra practice exams that had specific questions to the entrance exam. There are some other providers, but they provide training for all parts of the recruitment process along with high prices.
I just needed extra help for the entrance exam, to help improve my weaknesses and build upon my strengths.
I spent ages looking online for extra practice questions. Rather frustrating when working a full-time job with a family.
Time better spent actually practicing for the entrance exam!
Which is why I built this website, to help candidates who are in a similar place as I was; you are looking for extra Victoria Police Practice Exams that are going to help you pass the entrance exam.
Since creating VICPOL Practice Exams, I have launched several other websites helping candidates prepare for their entrance exams including: AFP Practice Exams  |  QLD Police Practice Tests  |  WA Exam Practice  |  NZ Police  |  NZ Defense Force

Take the VICPOL Entrance Exam with Confidence You Will Pass

It was so bloody good receiving my entrance exam results, scoring 85%! Boy did that feel good!

I want you to feel the same when you receive your results!

I am 100% confident these practice exams will help you better prepare for the exam. So much so, if they don’t help you, I offer a full refund, no questions asked.

Instead of sourcing practice questions online yourself, save time knowing that my practice exams have the exact same types of questions and difficulty as the Acer practice exams.

If you struggle with numeracy & abstract questions, I provide explanations to the answers for all questions to help you if you get stuck.

If you are not sure how to structure and write an essay response, I provide example essay responses for all extended & summary essays so you will have a better idea of what to do.

I’ve done everything I can on this website to help you pass the entrance exam.

Join 900+ Customers & Take Action Today!

For myself and for many of the candidates I’ve been in touch with, the Victoria Police Entrance Exam is the most difficult part of the recruitment process.

If you want to pass the entrance exam. If you want to be accepted into the Academy quicker, you need to step up, put the work in and out perform your competition.

Take action now to help ensure you pass the entrance exam by choosing which practice exams above best suit your needs.

Because once you finish the VICPOL Practice Exams, you will confidently know how you will go on the entrance exam. That is my promise to you.

All the best with your preparations! Let me know if you have any questions about the entrance exam that are not answered on this website.